Why Appraise and choose Crux Domains?

Crux Domains is a domain market place with difference

At Crux Domains you have higher probabilities to be able to sell your Premium Domains, in comparison to other domain market places that you already may have tried unsuccessfully.

At crux domains, the crux of the matter is to be able to sell successfully. Sellers of premium domains have the confidence in crux domains as it lists for sale only selective premium domain names. As per its policy, only those domains, which are shortlisted by its expert curators and appraisal specialists, are allowed for listing at crux domains website for sale. Crux domains, realizes that the probabilities of selling a domain increases if it is priced right. Most market places would list the domains anyways even if they are priced higher, due to either lack of knowledge or higher and unrealistic estimates or aspirations of the seller. This they do, as they anyway charge hefty commission to the seller, if the domain does sell at their market place, despite it having remote chances of finding an interested buyer because of either wrong pricing or faulty premium worthy tag.

At crux Domains we strongly believe that in order to be able to sell their domains, it is important that the sellers (domainers) of premium domain names must price their domain assets right. For this, they ought to be aware and have good grasp of ever changing market dynamics of the secondary domains (most often referred to as premium domains). The secondary market of domains, perceived as market place of premium domains, is driven by host of factors ranging from specific Tld’s acceptability and performance; domain name’s words and length; catchy or brandable profile; seo strengths, market place priorities and structure etc. etc. Today, the secondary market is hosting and portraying all sorts of domains as premium domains, whether or not they deserve to be one. Every booked domain cannot be a premium domain and hence one can see that there are more domains dropping (being not renewed) than are being booked every single day. Crux domains therefore, lists only selective domains at its market place, which are thus called “The Real Premium”. And this is done after the seller’s submit their domains here at Crux Premium website, for evaluation and appraisal at a nominal price, which allows them a free listing of domains at the crux domains market place, once the domains are approved as certified Crux Premium domains. The Crux Premium specialists would suggest a price range to the prospective seller for the respective domain. The price range is arrived at after due diligence by Crux Premium appraisal specialists, after considering and subjecting respective domains to differing and potential yardsticks. The seller must decide a price from the given range to increase chances of approval and sale at the Crux Domains market place. All approved domains would then be listed at the Crux Domains website for sale.